Housing Crisis

The housing crisis. A phrase that has been used often from your family members to politicians to the majority of the public looking to purchase or rent a home. However, the housing crisis isnít about houses Ė itís about people. Itís the family struggling to meet next monthís mortgage payment. The young family renting a rundown flat, wondering if theyíll ever be able to afford a home of their own. The lack of affordable, decent homes is affecting families across the whole country.

Which is why, we ensure any properties let with ourselves are in brilliant condition. The properties must have a Gas Safety and Energy Performance Certificate. The truth is we donít let the property out if we wouldnít live there.

The housing crises has many solutions. One is to is fill every empty home. We say why not. At MSL Estates Ltd we ensure homes are let. With a guarantee timescale of 2 weeks and a small fee of 6%. We promise to give you no hassle and guaranteed rent.

Please contact us for more information on: 0121 572 2552.

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