Letting your property is a serious business whether you are an experienced investor, landlord or a private individual letting your home for the first time.

Having MSL Estates LTD in your corner gives you a head start in finding the right tenant for your property. Our experience will prove essential in securing a tenancy at the best price, whilst at the same time ensuring that your interests are not compromised.

At MSL Estates LTD, we:

  • Employ innovative and proactive marketing techniques
  • Employ dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Have an up-to-date and informative website
  • Provide accurate, free of charge, no obligation valuations
  • Charge competitive arrangement fees
  • Offer full deposit protection
  • Provide Accompanied viewings
  • Offer expert investment advice
  • Maintain professionalism as members of The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), The Property Ombudsman, The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP).


Tenant Reference

Referencing is an essential process when you’re letting out your investment property. Knowing exactly who is moving into your property will help you to make an informed decision about the tenants you choose and who better to trust than the UK’s market leading referencing provider: HomeLet.

Finding the right tenants can be tricky. However, with our fast and thorough checks, you can rest assured that with an in-depth reference, you have done as much as you can to make sure you have the best possible tenants in your property.

With over 25 years experience we give you peace of mind with a HomeLet reference

Why choose our referencing agency for your enhanced tenant reference?

  • Over 20 years experience in the Lettings Industry
  • UK’s largest referencing provider
  • Undisclosed credit history – we’ll bring any hidden debt linked to their current and most recent homes to the surface
  • Hidden names and addresses – We’ll also run checks on details they have not provided
  • We’ll contact employers to confirm that the applicant earns what they say they earn and that they’re going to be employed for the tenancy term. We’ll also speak to their current Landlord to be certain that they were a good tenant and that you have nothing to be concerned about.
  • Default Database, unique to HomeLet – we have years of defaulting tenant data, we naturally run an automatic check against this to keep you ahead of the game
  • Bank Validation – 9 times out of 10, the bank details provided to you at the start of the referencing process will be the same details the tenant will use to pay their rent, we run a quick check to make sure that the details they have provided are for a genuine bank account.

Key features:

  • Any adverse credit history such as bankruptcy, CCJs and court decree
  • Previous names and addresses which haven’t been disclosed
  • Undisclosed credit history which is linked to their current and most recent homes
  • Banking details provided are for a genuine bank account
  • Financial Sanctions, to make sure that your tenant isn’t registered to any of the Government’s Asset Freezing lists, as this could mean they’re unable to pay their rent in the future
  • Gain references from the perspective tenants existing landlord/letting agent and Employers

Ensuring that you have ultimate peace of mind at MSL Estates LTD

Types of reference:


Our Insight Tenant Reference offers you a fast but effective insight into your potential tenant’s background, taking a comprehensive approach which goes far beyond a simple credit check.

Our Insight Tenant Reference includes:

  • Complete credit check, including adverse histories such as CCJs and bankruptcy
  • Background search on previous names, addresses and aliases
  • Financial sanctions check
  • Assurance that their bank account is genuine
  • Cross referencing against Home Let’s Default Database


Our Enhance Tenant Reference gives you the added security of a landlord and employer check, verifying your prospective tenant has the required finances and payment history.

Our Enhance Tenant Reference includes everything from the Insight reference, plus:

  • Contacting current landlord or managing agent for a reference, ensuring the tenant paid on time and looked after the property
  • Employment check to establish your tenant’s salary (and that their employment isn’t likely to be terminated)
  • Referencing overseas guarantors


With our Optimum Tenant Reference, you’ll get all the same comprehensive background checks our Insight and Enhance products offer, and we’ll also guarantee to remove the tenant from the property if they fail to pay the rent.

Our Optimum Tenant Reference includes:

  • Unique guarantee – we’ll remove your tenant if they fail to pay their rent
  • Legal and claims – we have our own in-house dedicated team
  • Easy online process – quick and secure online
  • Employment check -ensure your tenant’s salary and contract length
  • Contacting current landlord or managing agent for a reference, we’ll find out if the tenant paid on time and kept the property in a good condition

We’re so confident in our checks that we’ll guarantee to remove the tenant from the property if they fail to pay the rent.

Legal cover & what it consist of 

Protect your rental income with our Optimum reference with HomeLet. We’ll be able to identify hidden names and addresses and we’ll also speak with the current landlord or managing agent to ensure a thorough check is conducted. On top of all of this, we’ll also give you a unique guarantee…if your tenant fails to pay the rent; we will evict them from the property.

Rent Guarantee

HomeLet offers three types of Tenant Reference with a Rent Guarantee for landlords, all designed to protect your income if your tenant fails to pay their rent. We’ll cover your legal expenses and provide you with all the support and professional guidance you need to gain vacant possession of your property in the case of an eviction. Our Rent Guarantees each include a Tenant Reference.

My Deposit

It is a legal requirement for all landlords/letting agents who take deposits in England and Wales to protect it with a deposit protection scheme. That’s why we use My Deposit. The Deposit must be registered within 30 days once the tenant moves in.

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